Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Characters from Nature's Royalty are invited to the May Queen's tea party. The little Firefly is the messenger who delivers invitations to Queen Mum, Ladybug, Queen Bee, the Frog Prince, the Monarch Butterfly and other royal characters who prepare to celebrate with a secret guest of honor.
“This book is a joyful and gentle romp through a child's imagination in a magical world that is distilled from warm spring days to an essence of what might be if we could hear what nature says and does.
After reading Cheryl Kling's new book Nature's Royal Tea Party, the first inclination is to pick up several copies as gifts for children who will be having birthdays or celebrating other occasions of note. Then the reader may want to get a copy or two for adult friends who enjoy lovely drawings and a gentle story of a fantasy tea. As an experienced teacher and an accomplished artist, the author brings an authenticity to this book that could only come from knowing the minds and fancies of childhood. This volume holds beauty and diversion that can be savored every time it is picked up.”-Eve Hill-Tea historian, tea events consultant, Contributing editor, Tea A Magazine
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